Marine Services Platform

For the best tidal data, look to the cloud

When you’re planning marine operations and making safety-critical decisions, it’s important to have an easy way to access essential data.

So we’ve developed the Marine Services Platform.

Marine Applications Platform

It makes sourcing offshore tidal currents and elevations data easy and instant, and it’s available across multiple devices for different users.

And, as this marine software is cloud-based, you’ll receive updates and access to new features and ocean data layers as soon as they’re available.

Tidal prediction. But better.

With our Marine Services Platform, you can:

  • The next generation of our offshore tidal prediction software, Polpred, contains features you’ll only find on the Marine Applications Platform version. It offers reliable tidal current and water elevation predictions to help you better plan your offshore operations and reduce the associated risks.

    Polpred is well established as desktop software on Microsoft Windows – but, with the Marine Applications Platform, you can now access it through your web browser.

  • Being browser-based, you can access the Marine Applications Platform from a much wider range of devices without needing to install any software.

    The easy-to-use platform has an intuitive, interactive map to help you download ocean predictions and visualise information in the way you want to see it.

    Compared to the desktop marine software, it’s easier for multiple users to access. Plus sharing bookmarks is straightforward, which helps you make informed decisions quickly and painlessly.

  • We provide free customer advice to ensure our marine software is configured and optimised to your unique requirements.

Our cloud roadmap

We’re planning to improve the Marine Services Platform over time, and are already adding more layers of ocean data and new tidal analysis functionalities.

We work closely with all our customers, and encourage you to tell us which features would be most valuable to you. That way, as we expand this incredible Platform, you’ll have a say in its evolution.

Explore our range of tidal forecasting software

Our cloud-based Marine Services Platform is just one part of our suite of tidal software products.

For Windows, we offer: