Tech Licensing

Our technology. Your way

When it comes to ocean science, NOC Innovations leads the way.

And having designed, built and implemented industry-leading technology for over 60 years, we recognise our creations can reach far beyond our own walls.

That’s why our clients are increasingly opting for technology transfer collaborations with us such as licensing.

NOC Innovations tech licensing

The best technology to unlock your potential.

Through multiple models, we share our technology with our portfolio of partners, providing them with a competitive advantage in their industry.

But while our technology captures the data we need from the most challenging of marine environments, its potential outside of ocean science is huge.

Today, our technology is used in sectors such as defence, water treatment, coastal protection and battery manufacturing, to name a handful.

Huw Gullick

Associate Director NOC Innovations

And because we’re an ocean science centre and not a product manufacturer, our resources are dedicated to research and development. This means we’re constantly designing, testing and adopting new and disruptive technologies.

Why work with us?

We’re set up to transform ideas into concepts, concepts into prototypes, and prototypes into field-proven equipment.

We also have the expertise to steer our creations through the Technology Readiness Levels, including lab- and field-based testing.

NOC Innovations tech licensing

Our partners engage with us at all tech development stages. Many work with us on an ongoing basis, and recognise the value of utilising a specialist research and development partner without having to actually invest in the capabilities themselves.

This marine technology transfer model helps them keep their operational costs low while giving them access to industry expertise far beyond what they could or may wish to develop on site.

Our technology licensing

Our core areas of development are:

  • Sub-surface autonomous vessels and robotics
  • Autonomous communications
  • Autonomous command and control systems
  • Tidal data, software and analytics
  • Energy management systems and depth (up to 6,500m)
  • Chemical sensors
  • Coastal monitoring and protection instruments and systems
  • Radar technology
  • Remote operating control centres
  • Oceanographic instruments and equipment

Why use any tech but the best?

When you lease our tech, you’ll have the legal rights to install it, use it and profit from it.

But it goes beyond that. You’ll also be privy to the latest scientific insights, and gain access to the most up-to-date versions of the world’s leading marine research tools.

  • Our Four Methods Permeability Calculator (FoMPeCa) is a digital tool that processes data from experimental tests to determine the permeability of porous media.

    We wrote it in MATLAB® , and it’s presented through a friendly and easy-to-use graphical user interface (GUI).

    This GUI is home to three primary panels and four hidden panels which become visible when you select them.

    The primary panels allow you to:

    • Load data files
    • Display data
    • Calculate permeability according to selected data

    The hidden panels house:

    • Physical sample characteristics
    • Physical fluid characteristics
    • Parameters of the experimental system used
    • A unit-selector tool for the parameters and variables

    FoMPeCa is available with a non-exclusive licence, and will prove especially valuable to companies supplying software solutions to the oil and gas, geotechnical and material testing sectors.

  • Our HRU offers a low-cost, multi-shot, compact, simple and reliable means of releasing ballast weights (up to 20kg) from free-drifting instruments.

    You can also use it to release actuation devices for a variety of applications at predetermined depths up to around 300m.