Deep Sea

We lead the way in analysing the impacts of deep-sea mining and advising on how to do it sustainably

Fuelled by an increasing need for certain metals as part of the clean energy transition, the world’s looking to deep-sea environments for answers.

As we continue to electrify our lives, our demand for battery technology increases, and the likelihood of land-based mining supplying the metals we need decreases.

NOC Innovations deep sea

That’s a problem because, without the required materials, we simply won’t be able to manufacture the components for things like electric cars. Without enough of the right metals and minerals, our ability to fully realise our sustainability vision becomes limited.

How do we access deep-sea minerals?

To extract minerals from extreme ocean depths, mining is required.

Sites of commercial interest tend to have large hydrothermal vent systems or large polymetallic nodules on the ocean floor from which minerals could be safely extracted.

How does NOC Innovations help?

We’re leant on to provide cutting-edge and impartial scientific research in areas like:

  • Environmental impact analysis
  • Deep-sea resource characterisation
  • Technology assessments
  • Long term ocean model predictions

For many years, we’ve been a trusted partner to international policymakers and regulators, helping to define the principles and laws that surround this emerging sector.

Our expertise in the development and use of autonomous systems is increasingly regarded as having a critical role to play. And we’re happy to play it.