Marine Renewable Energy

Harnessing the ocean’s natural power

Coasts and oceans are a traditionally untapped source of low-carbon energy. 

And we don’t just mean offshore wind. We can also harness the power of tides, waves, currents, and thermal and salinity gradients to generate clean, renewable electricity.

NOC Innovations Marine renewable energy

What we bring to the table

NOC Innovations works alongside those at the forefront of the global energy transition, including marine renewable energy developers.

To benefit the industry, harness the raw power of the ocean and ensure our renewable energy targets are met, we can provide:

  • Sustained ocean observations and models
  • World-class facilities
  • Hydrographic surveys (bathymetric, coastal, etc.)
  • Data management
  • Scientific advice
  • Autonomous, battery-powered, low-carbon equipment

When you work with us, you’ll enjoy direct access to world-class science, technology and innovation.

Phil Bishop

Head of Commercial Development

Our insights already underpin environmental impact and energy resource assessments for marine renewable energy projects, but we want to further strengthen the bond between our world-class R&D and the clean energy sector. We believe that’ll lead to a more profitable and sustainable future for everyone.

Our scientific and technical expertise can address sector-specific and overlapping challenges, mitigating concerns and maximising benefits across offshore wind, tidal range, tidal stream, and wave and ocean current energy.

Propelling the potential of marine renewables

NOC Innovations works hard to develop relationships with businesses to ensure our technology and research contribute to the growth of this crucial sector.

NOC Innovations Marine renewable energy

Take ECOWind, for example. Because we’re recognised as leaders in marine science, we’re relied on to provide relevant insights and research to support the UK’s drive to expand marine renewables in a safe, logical and ecologically friendly way. Our input’s also used to enhance marine observations and help shape the future of marine policy and management.

And we listen. We strive to understand the challenges faced by businesses so we can share the best-suited solutions.

What else do we do?

At NOC Innovations we also:

  • Translate our research into tools and designs
  • Collaborate with you to address your specific requirements
  • Give access to world-class scientific knowledge, data and facilities
  • Develop industry-leading technology
  • Apply our unique problem-solving skills to tackle your challenges head-on

How we’re helping the sector today

  • Polpred is an industry-leading software application we’ve developed to help organisations in and around the marine renewable energy sector visualise and predict offshore tides and water elevation in a particular area. With Polpred, these organisations are able to see critical data in a number of ways – including tidal diamonds, graphs, and contour and vector maps – which improves their efficiency, reduces their risks, and saves them time, money and resources.

  • We also have a specialist Geohazard team, who advise offshore wind developers, cable owners and other related organisations on site-specific issues that may impact safety and operations, like cable damage and underwater avalanches.

  • Our Geophysical Acoustic Underwater Smart Sensors (GAUSS) are relied on to monitor subsea cable health, which saves marine renewable energy developers millions every year.

  • And our biologists survey cable routes and turbine structures to provide truly insightful environmental assessments.

Our Geohazard team can advise on site-specific issues that may impact safety and operations, like cable damage and underwater avalanches.

Phil Bishop

Head of Commercial Development

Our Polpred software helps you visualise and predict offshore tides around the world.

Layton Quinton

Head of Marine Information Products & Services