Robotics & Autonomy

The future of marine science

We’re home to the National Marine Equipment Pool (NMEP): Europe’s largest centralised pool of equipment specifically designed for marine science.

It boasts a diverse range of scientific instruments and equipment capable of sampling both the sea surface and the deep ocean.

NOC Innovations robotics and autonomy

The NMEP holds more than 10,000 instruments and technologies, and provides scientists with access to skilled marine technicians and engineers. As part of its national capability remit, the NMEP offers technological support to enable the marine science community to continue conducting world-class research.

Our people know exactly how to procure, prepare, operate, deploy, repair, maintain and calibrate the equipment we provide for research expeditions.

Huw Gullick

Associate Director NOC Innovations

Great care goes into every step to ensure the equipment functions reliably and consistently – because only then will our scientists yield data of the highest quality.

We also liaise with the international scientific community to provide advice and expertise for the design of future equipment and new technologies.

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Marine Autonomous & Robotic Systems

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Scientific Engineering

All you need to know about our surveying and sampling

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