Through science and innovation, we answer the questions lining the world’s road to sustainability

Sustainability’s an increasingly critical theme for forward-thinking organisations, and central to their long-term strategies. 

But it’s such a broad term. It covers everything from the obvious to the obscure, and spans all sectors and spaces, from infrastructure management and business operations to employee wellbeing. 

A holistic, scientific and creative approach is therefore required if we want to see real progress. And that’s precisely why we’re here.

NOC Innovations sustainability

Why we’re unique 

NOC Innovations sits at the centre of sustainability, tackling the most pressing scientific challenges at their core. 

We go beyond simply consulting you on how to operate more sustainably – instead, we sit right beside you so, together, we can address your challenges head-on. 

As leaders in our field, we’re in a prime position to undertake the work required to design and embed the right strategies for your organisation.

Huw Gullick

Associate Director NOC Innovations

Our scientific horsepower enables us to dive deep with organisations to really uncover their motivations, strategy and vision from a sustainability standpoint, and develop solutions grounded in world-leading marine science. 

And, owing to NOC Innovations’ international reputation and reach, we’ll provide you with unmatched scientific credibility, and share with you the groundbreaking insights only our extensive research network can bring. 

So how can we help?

Our suite of sustainability services is designed to make your green transition comprehensive, insightful and straightforward.

  • Support for the development of nature-based carbon offsetting projects, such as blue carbon
  • Use of emerging and disruptive technologies for marine operations, including robotics and autonomy
  • Intelligent decision-making based on oceanographic data
  • Ocean environment training and understanding
  • Remote sensing technology
  • Environmental impact assessments