Software Integration & API

Making tidal forecasting easy, fast and accurate

At NOC Innovations, we’re recognised for our reliable tidal data. 

But we also recognise the value of making it more accessible by integrating it across marine systems and applications to reach the users who need it.

NOC Innovations software integration and API

So we’re developing a tidal forecast API for data from our Marine Services Platform, our cloud-based tidal prediction software.

APIs allow different software systems to communicate with each other, so a tidal API would bridge the gap between our world-class data and your in-house systems or software applications.

How could a tidal forecast API help me?

With our API, you’ll be able to provide relevant and accurate marine tidal data in the right context. That means your end users will fully understand it, and apply it in the most appropriate way.

For instance, if you have an in-house system for marine or maritime data analysis, you could access our industry-leading offshore tide data by integrating our tidal API.

Layton Quinton

Head of Marine Information Products & Services

This would guarantee your analyses are as accurate as possible, and enable you to present insights to your users in your own way.

Or, if you’re a commercial software developer, you could include relevant tidal predictions, models and services through our API. That way, you could import predictions for any coordinates into your application simply by using HTTP requests.


We’re currently developing our tidal data API. But, if it sounds like it could suit you, please get in touch. We may be able to adapt our service to suit your needs.