Our Services

Through our world-leading scientific and technical services, we help organisations achieve their sustainability and energy transition goals

As established experts in marine science and technology, NOC Innovations delivers the most accurate, bespoke and holistic ocean-based solutions in the world.  

We’re uniquely positioned to provide unparalleled scientific knowledge and understanding, enabling you to tackle your challenges head-on with full clarity.

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Why work with us? 

With over 400 marine scientists and offshore engineers dedicated to addressing some of the biggest questions and challenges on Earth, NOC Innovations has the resources, determination and experience to help your organisation evolve and grow. 

We’ve been a global leader in ocean science and research for over 50 years, and have partnered with some of the largest offshore organisations in the world. 

But, now more than ever, our understanding of the ocean and our relationship with it is becoming critical to sustainability and the renewable energy transition.  

This is our area of expertise. By collaborating with us, you’ll gain knowledge and insights beyond compare, allowing you to make better decisions and fully understand the environment in which your organisation operates.  

    Tide Prediction Software

    Whether you’re looking for consultancy, a report with specific data or easy-to-use tide prediction software, we have the solution

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    How can we help? 

    No two organisations are the same, and NOC Innovations is structured to adapt and cater to unique project requirements.

    With this in mind, our aim is always to provide cutting-edge marine science information.

    But information means different things to different people. That’s why we offer a broad range of services. 

    You can discover more about each of our services below.