A whistle-stop tour of the spaces critical to our success

We’re recognised for our world-leading marine research and autonomous technology.

But that’s no accident. We didn’t fluke our way to renown.

NOC Innovations workshops

We simply prioritise our workspaces, and tailor them to our engineers’ specific requirements.

Here’s an overview of each of our workshops.

Optics Workshop

The optics workshop is a space with temperature and humidity management, and no external windows.

We need this for a number of investigations, especially optical studies.

Optics Workshop

Key equipment includes:

  • An environmental chamber (0.6m × 0.6m × 0.75m internal volume)
  • A wafer probe station (it can accommodate 8” wafers or similar planer samples, and there are two available probes for applying test waveforms to samples)
  • A highly accurate and stable (± 2 mK) plain water calibration bath
  • A sink with reverse osmosis supply

Moving forwards, the optics workshop will have more space for testing the integration of various sensors, short- to mid-term storage for regularly deployed equipment, workstations for minor electronics work, and greater calibration potential (temperature, salinity and dissolved oxygen).

Sensors Workshop

The sensors workshop is where we cut, assemble and test microfluidic chips before preparing them for ocean deployments. 

It’s home milling machines for chip-cutting, a darkroom for setting up and assembling the optics for the chip detection systems, and soldering stations for the chip assembly.

NOC Innovations sensors workshop

In addition, sensor housings are assembled in the workshop with the option of oil-filled housings if required.

The main three types of sensors assembled in the sensors workshop are nitrate, phosphate and pH sensors. All three use the same chip footprint, but with different microfluidic configurations.

Sensors Workshop

Key equipment includes:

  • LPKF ProtoMat S100 micro-milling machines
  • Quality control Zeta 20 3D optical profiler
  • Optical alignment equipment from ThorLabs
  • Soldering stations for chip assembly

Several of our workshop spaces are specialised for the building of autonomous and robotic vehicles, which can then be tested in our on-site testing facilities. 

These facilities are available for use by partners of the Marine Robotics Innovation Centre. Hire to external members of the marine science community can also be negotiated on a case-by-case basis.

NOC Innovations workshops

Glider Workshop

  • Workbenches for four gliders
  • 0.5t overhead gantry
  • Ceiling-mounted power
  • Cupboards and lockable storage

Large Vehicle Workshop

  • 10t overhead gantry
  • Roller doors for dockside access
  • 3D prototyping
  • Laser cutting

Hangar Workshop

  • 5t overhead gantry