BORA Blue Ocean Research Alliance®

Delivering new marine research and accelerating technology developments on a global scale

The BORA Blue Ocean Research Alliance®  is an innovative partnership between NOC Innovations and Subsea7, a global leader in the delivery of offshore projects and services for the energy industry.

    What is the BORA Blue Ocean Research Alliance®? | Into the Blue Podcast

    By combining our scientific prowess with Subsea7’s global reach through it's diverse fleet and 120+ remotely operated vehicles, we’re ramping up the delivery of marine research around the world for the benefit of humanity.

    The BORA Blue Ocean Research Alliance® is an example of how research institutions and private businesses can partner together to make sense of the changing seas.

      NOC Innovations BORA partnership

      BORAbox® shown on Subsea7 ROV

      Here are a few benefits of our alliance with Subsea7:

      Scientific Value

      • Data is openly accessible, and contributes to global ocean observations
      • Results are published in scientific papers where possible, citing all contributors from academia and industry


      • BORA Blue Ocean Research Alliance® supports its funders’ sustainability priorities. Projects are developed by our team of scientists and funders to ensure the objectives are relevant to society and the scientific community
      • The global nature of this alliance reflects the global nature of climate change, meaning we’re now able to focus on developing projects wherever they’re needed most with the world’s best insights, tools and technology

      Stakeholder Engagement

      • BORA Blue Ocean Research Alliance® works with local governments, research organisations and other national stakeholders to share knowledge, data and commercial industry partners


      A worldwide impact

      We have already established a number of global research projects that are enabling the collection of vital ocean data and the publication of world-class marine research. 

      Take BORAbox®, for example.

      BORAbox® is a sensor box. It’s being fitted to Subsea7’s Remote Operated Vehicles (ROVs) to measure Essential Ocean Variables (EOVs).

      BORAbox® is currently being used to monitor ocean acidity levels using the latest lab-on-chip sensor technology. It gathers data when Subsea7’s projects are operational, and enhances the global reach of marine observation.

      NOC Innovations BORA partnership

      The Normand Subsea

      This data is then used to support wider observational initiatives, and included in datasets that help shape major ocean health assessments and contribute to addressing critical questions such as: ‘is the ocean getting more acidic - if so, how quickly and by how much?’

      It also supports evidence-based policy making at local, national and international scales.

      BORA logo

      BORA Blue Ocean Research Alliance® presents NOC Innovations with a fantastic opportunity to develop unique science-focussed initiatives and impactful innovations with increased global reach and access to waters. The alliance also enables us to foster closer working relationships, not least between ourselves and Subsea7, but also between research, industry and government to achieve shared goals.

      Huw Gullick

      Associate Director NOC Innovations


      target for BORAboxes operational by 2024