Coastal Engineering

Making your best ideas a reality

With our Coastal & Shelf Seas Instrumentation Services, we’ll help you throughout your entire project lifecycle.

From design, deployment and recovery to data management and analysis support, we’ll be there to provide specialist advice on marine instrumentation requirements, and implement platform delivery methods so you can meet your scientific objectives.

NOC Innovations coastal engineering

We also offer a fieldwork support service, so you can be sure the high-quality data you’re after is collected accurately and in full.

Our range of services

  • Our mechanical design and coastal engineering services allow your scientists to tap into our extensive oceanographic design knowledge, ensuring your data collection goals are realised.

    The workshop personnel are experienced in machining high-grade materials to produce items to particularly tight tolerances. The workshop’s equipped with CNC lathes and milling machines, which enables the production of highly accurate and repeatable parts from in-house designs using CAD. 

    We can also create design drawings as well as 3D-rendered drawings and images of the finished product for presentations.

  • Our engineers are experts at creating modern data logging systems and working at component level, including specialist PCB (Printed Circuit Board) designs.

    Our vast knowledge of commercially available instruments means our electronic and mechanical engineers can design systems of integrated sensors and data loggers using custom-made enclosures and mounting systems tailored to your specific requirements.

  • We’re world leaders when it comes to measuring sea levels, and that comes down to our coastal engineering experience. We’re specialists in designing bespoke installations tailored to each site.

    When it comes to installing and maintaining tide gauge networks in the UK and overseas, there are no track records as long as ours.

    Take the UK National Tide Gauge Network, for example.

    NOC Innovations designed, built and installed it, becoming responsible for the continuous running and maintenance of 44 individual sites.

    Since the ‘80s, we’ve been developing the South Atlantic Tide Gauge Network (SATGN). For nearly 40 years, we’ve provided vital observations to help develop this, whether that’s for an under-sampled ocean region or as a test bed for sea level technology.

    How does this help?

    The networks we create enable us to develop novel technologies to help address critical challenges, such as: deploying and maintaining underwater equipment; recording surface measurements in Polar regions; operating with limited power resources; and employing remote data telemetry systems.

    NOC Innovations have now developed a suite of world-class technologies to collect precise sea level measurements from remote, harsh and difficult-to-reach marine environments.

    Our gauges enable the best high-frequency sampling by combining accuracy and resilience with low-cost manufacturing and maintenance.

    This makes them ideal for areas of seismic and hurricane activity, which is why we’ve installed them in places like the Caribbean Sea and integrated them into the IOC’s tsunami warning systems.

  • A lander is a frame equipped with a suite of sensors or instruments that’s lowered or dropped to the seabed to collect measurements.

    NOC Innovations has a range of landers and frames for you to use in a variety of locations, from the deep ocean to coastal and intertidal regions.

    With over 40 years’ experience in the field, we’re experts in lander operations, as well as designing, deploying and recovering the landers themselves.

  • We’ll advise you on communication requirements so you can retrieve valuable marine data without having to visit the deployment site.

    We’re experienced in using all forms of communication systems, including terrestrial systems like:

    • PSTN

    • GSM

    • GPRS

    • 3G

    • ADSL

    • VDSL

    And satellite systems such as:

    • MeteoSat

    • GOES

    • Iridium

    • BGAN

    We’re accustomed to collecting data from remote installations in places like the South Atlantic islands and the Scottish Highlands. So, if you’d like us to help you do the same, please get in touch today.

With our Coastal and Shelf Seas Instrumentation Services, we’ll help you throughout your marine project lifecycle.

Phil Bishop

Head of Commercial Development