Training is the essence of transformation, and we deliver the best

Training is critical for all organisations. Without it, efficiency suffers, mistakes happen, and money and time are lost.

NOC Innovations creates and delivers training programmes to organisations that want to be the best at what they do.

We go further, and aren’t content with teaching you how to do something – for us, the why is equally as important.

Huw Gullick

Associate Director NOC Innovations

By partnering with us, you’ll benefit from having world-leading marine science and industry expertise to help shape and guide your organisation’s decisions.

In sports, the outliers – the real high-performers – all prioritise training. It’s no different in our world.

NOC Innovations training

What’s our approach?

We believe people feel more empowered and make better decisions when they have a deep, scientific understanding of the offshore environment.

But we’re not arrogant. We won’t just tell you to do something and show you how to do it. We’ll sit with you, explain why we feel it’s the right option for you, and share the potential impact of different approaches.

This is critical when working in the marine sector. Yes, there are many standards and regulations to adhere to (which we’ll help with), but you need to be able to make the best decisions for the offshore environments in which you operate. This is only possible when you have a detailed understanding of it.

Why NOC Innovations?

Our expertise is vast, and we adopt various teaching methods on topics like:

  • Marine autonomy – mission planning, operations, calibration, testing and maintenance
  • Deep-sea floor processes, geology and geophysics – sediment flows, hydrothermal vents, volcanoes, etc
  • Sub-surface data collection technology and techniques
  • Environmental modelling and assessment
  • Ocean system modelling

Our experience, knowledge and technology in the marine sector are unrivalled. That’s why we’re the leaders in this space.

We have bespoke training partnerships with many clients in the offshore energy sectors. Clients who value unique scientific insights, and use them to improve their own and their employees’ understanding. 

NOC Innovations training

Only NOC Innovations’ infrastructure can provide a truly immersive and world-class training experience. We have specially-made classrooms, test environments, live environments and more.

All our learning experiences are delivered by the scientists themselves. They’re all renowned experts in their field – and, with 99% of our ocean research being of national importance, you really will be learning from the very best.