Safeguarding the safety net sector

As well as the marine, maritime and energy sectors, our pioneering modelling and research can benefit the insurance sector.

Our capabilities are particularly useful for making long-term forecasts and calculating the associated future risks. We could, for instance, determine the impact of sea levels on coffee-growing in South America.

So, be it for reinsurance around coral reefs or understanding the risks of storm surges, sea level rises or fish stock depletion in a certain time and space, NOC Innovations has in-house experts to produce quantified models underpinned by world-leading ocean science.

What do we offer?

For insurers, reinsurers and brokers, we’re happy to:

  • Lead large research projects
  • Contribute our forecasting software (including Polpred), scientific modelling and/or monitoring expertise to an existing project
  • Answer a specific set of questions pertinent to the insurance market
  • Provide consultancy services to conduct scoping studies or advise on specific issues prior to tendering for larger projects