Applied Modelling

Tidal data like you’ve never seen it before

At NOC Innovations, we’re known for providing marine tidal data and software for coastal and offshore use.

But we can also develop the ocean tide models to underpin this data – for consultants, researchers and the marine industry at large.

NOC Innovations Applied Modelling

How we'll help

With our applied tidal modelling service, we’ll empower you to:

  • If we don’t have a model to suit your needs, we can build one just for you. 

    Recent projects include:

    • An operational storm surge forecast model, with a defined location surge warning built in
    • A particle tracking model to forecast onshore particle wash-up
    • An analysis of extreme water levels to determine when specified coastal water levels might be exceeded
    • A storm impact assessment on a coastline
    • In addition to developing new ocean tide models, we can build on what already exists by creating new, higher-resolution tidal models for areas within current models. 

      For instance, we recently created a 1/80th-degree model for the Arabian Gulf.

      Depending on your specific requirements, we can create HD offshore models for both tidal water levels and currents.

    • We can deliver models either through our software or as raw data, summaries, charts or graphs – so, whether you’re an academic researcher or a consultancy firm, we can tailor our models to however you’d like them.