Tidal Data Analysis

Use our software with your marine tidal data

Ports and harbours use gauges to monitor tides in real-time. They’re accurate, straightforward and low-risk.

But what if your tide gauge data could do more than just reflect what the tide’s doing now? What if, through tidal prediction software, it could be used to analyse what the tide will do in the future?

With TASK, it can.

Harmonic Analysis

The future of marine tidal data analysis is here

TASK (Tidal Analysis Software Kit) is our complete software solution for the harmonic analysis of tidal data, the prediction of tides, and the production of tide tables.

We’ve designed it to be easy to use for novice and expert tidal analysts alike. It’s a suite of programs that can be used independently or concurrently – whichever’s best for you.

    • TASK Windows Edition – for launching the separate modules as required
    • TASK Toolkit – for processing, resampling and quality analysis of data
    • TASK DMT – a separate data manipulation module
    • TASK Analyse - the main harmonic analysis module
    • TASK Graph - an Excel template for reviewing data and quality control
    • TASK Plot – a dedicated tool for inspecting and flagging bad data
    • Poltips - our proprietary prediction component with full tide table production

All programs are written for Microsoft Windows. If you’re an Apple user, you’ll need to dual-boot Windows, or use a virtual machine or Windows emulation.

NOC Innovations Harmonic Analysis

Key features

TASK’s an excellent tool for tidal data analysis and prediction because:

  • It reads in a simple CSV format
  • Its native file format is plain text with simple tools for manipulation and checking. This format has a data quality flag, and supports five data channels (three are usually reserved for observation, prediction and residual)
  • Data quality control is automatic (i.e. gap detection, clock jumps, etc.). Potential issues are flagged, allowing you to choose to include or exclude particular data points in your analyses, or manually inspect them in TASK Graph
  • We’ve embedded intelligent quality control in the analysis engine. TASK conducts hundreds of checks throughout the analysis process to see if the data looks sensible and the results reasonable
  • You can resample data and easily convert it into your desired format
  • It can shift, scale and manipulate data
  • It handles data in any time zone, and automatically corrects time zone issues and accounts for daylight savings
  • Automatic data blocking happens behind the scenes
  • 100+ harmonics can be utilised where required
  • Quality control statistics are generated as part of the analysis process
  • It automatically conducts double analyses for tidal currents (East-West and North-South both contained in a single t2kc file)

If you’re interested in using TASK, please contact us for a bespoke quotation.

What if TASK’s not for you?

If you have tidal gauge observations but can’t spend time learning to use TASK, we’ll provide a complete tidal data analysis and prediction service for you.

Just share your marine tidal data with us, and we’ll conduct the processing, quality control and analysis, and produce a set of fully formatted tide tables.

We can even provide you with a tailored version of Poltips so you can make predictions yourself moving forwards.