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With a rich heritage of tidal prediction stretching back over 100 years we are world leaders in tide prediction software.

Our software suite has made marine tidal data available to customers for the past 30 years.

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Our easy-to-use tidal software applications include:

  • With our Polpred software, offshore operators can view accurate tidal current and elevation predictions for any given location where they are planning to work. Polpred includes global model coverage for many deep-sea areas and with certain models near-shore locations. It is available as a Windows product and through our Marine Applications Platform using any browser.

  • For those requiring the most accurate tidal predictions at UK Ports and Harbours, our Poltips software calculates accurate astronomical tidal predictions for over 700 ports and enables you to produce print ready full tide tables and graphical representations.

  • If you already have tide gauge data, you can use our TASK software to conduct harmonic analysis with ease and accuracy. It comes complete with a copy of Poltips to enable you to convert your analyses into full print ready tide table outputs for the best possible tidal predictions at your specific location.

All of our software utilises the widely recognized harmonic method of tidal prediction that was developed here at the National Oceanography Centre over 75 years ago.

In addition we also offer our customers free advice and support to ensure our easy to use software is configured and optimised to your needs with the appropriate models, data layers and timeframes, all calibrated to your requirements.

NOC Inovations tide prediction software

Don’t Want Tidal Software, Just Need A Report?

We know that not everyone wants to purchase software and run their own reports. As an alternative, we have a team of experienced consultants who can provide you with the data you need.

Who Do We Work With?

We work closely with the UK Hydrographic Office to ensure that both parties have access to the best tidal data which is essential for the safety implications for the maritime industry as a whole.

Our client base, for both tidal software and consultancy, is extremely diverse.

Layton Quinton

Head of Marine Information Products & Services

It includes such organisations as the Environment Agency, the Hydrographic Office, the Met Office, the RNLI, local government, academic/research organisations, ports and harbours, offshore renewable companies, oil and gas suppliers, offshore survey companies, maritime investigation and law enforcement agencies, publishers and more.

NOC Innovations tide prediction software

Can we help?

Whether you are looking for consultancy, a report with specific data or easy to use reliable software we have solutions that can provide you with unrivalled accuracy in understanding and predicting ocean currents both offshore and in coastal regions.

Our software and services are designed to be highly flexible and to be configured to meet your specific requirements.