Offshore Energy

The world still needs oil and gas, but the industry must evolve. Here’s what we’re doing to help

The exploration and production of offshore oil and gas are changing.

The sector’s moving into deeper waters, often in remote and hostile environments. 

It’s also more difficult to effectively recover oil and gas from identified reserves, not to mention decommissioning the huge number of structures nearing the end of their lives.

These days, the risks and costs of offshore operations are increasing.

NOC Innovations oil and gas

Why are we getting involved?

We champion sustainability and clean energy, but we’re also realists. We know the energy transition will take time. So, while the world still relies largely on fossil fuels, we’re doing what we can to help oil and gas companies optimise their operations and minimise their environmental impacts as much as possible.

The financial, ethical and commercial difficulties surrounding the sector are steering oil and gas firms towards investing in innovative, cost-effective technologies to enhance efficiency. So they come to us.

Through external and joint-industry funding, your company could benefit from responsible and flexible innovations to drive down your operational costs, maximise your existing investments, access and share world-class expertise, and respond pragmatically to fiscal and environmental regulations.

How can we help?

At NOC Innovations, we’re helping the hydrocarbons industry evolve through our scientific and technological capabilities. 

Huw Gullick

Associate Director NOC Innovations

Take Polpred, for example. It’s software we’ve developed in-house to help oil and gas companies easily utilise highly accurate offshore tide and current data to support the planning and execution of their operations. It saves them time, money, effort and resources, and helps make their processes safer and more streamlined.

We also share our insights with these organisations so they can better understand the impact they have, and offer our services to help minimise them.

What can we help with?

We have expertise in several areas including:

  • Environmental impact assessments
  • Seismic monitoring
  • Seafloor process assessments and deep-water geophysics
  • Marine environment and route characterisation
  • Monitoring of infrastructure and seafloor/subsurface mapping
  • Fluid flow detection and characterisation
  • Deep-water geohazard assessment
  • MetOcean modelling for offshore installations, integrity analysis and shipping forecasts

We’re also pioneering the industry’s energy transition. We provide our partners with expert scientific knowledge on carbon capture and storage, and we’re setting the standards on leakage monitoring technologies and methodologies.

We’re doing what we can to minimise the impacts of oil and gas companies whilst optimising their operations.

Huw Gullick

Associate Director NOC Innovations

Polpred can help you to plan and execute your operations more efficiently, saving resources and time.

Layton Quinton

Head of Marine Information Products & Services