Carbon Capture

In the race to capture carbon sustainably, we’re lowering the hurdles

Carbon capture and storage are playing a central role in the world’s journey to net zero – and, as pioneers of this rapidly evolving sector, NOC Innovations sits at its heart.

We work with some of the biggest organisations in this space, helping to develop the infrastructure required to unlock carbon capture’s full potential.

NOC Innovations carbon capture

But what actually is carbon capture and storage?

It’s a way to reduce emissions from everyday industrial activities.

The process has three stages:

  • Stage 1 – Carbon is separated from industrial emissions
  • Stage 2 – It’s compressed and transported
  • Stage 3 – It’s injected into an underground storage site made from geological formations

The global capacity to store carbon like this is significant, and represents a large-scale solution in our bid to achieve net zero.

How can NOC Innovations help?

We provide specialist scientific expertise to this sector via three avenues:

  • Technology to detect and monitor site leakage from storage sites through remote and on-site sensing
  • Environmental impact assessment, modelling and monitoring in the ocean
  • Advisory services to guide regulatory bodies in the industry

This three-pronged approach means we play a pivotal role in all elements of the carbon capture value chain, from site selection and assessment to monitoring and decommissioning.

And our world-class scientific capabilities are supplemented by our engineering horsepower. 

NOC Innovations carbon capture

We design and deploy autonomous systems and vehicles for site selection activities – including bubble detection and chemical sensing – and to monitor a site’s integrity. This technology offers a cost-effective way to achieve a 24/7 presence below the surface, which conventional methods like surface vessels and dive teams simply can’t match.

Carbon captured underground can remain trapped away from the atmosphere for hundreds of years.

Huw Gullick

Associate Director NOC Innovations


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