Ocean Plastics

Because out of sight isn’t always out of mind

Ocean plastics is a high-profile and increasingly visible topic. 

To create the positive changes our planet desperately needs, we simply cannot continue polluting the seas. 

That’s why NOC Innovations are committed to driving progress through understanding.

NOC Innovations ocean plastics

How we’re helping

No business is immune to scrutiny these days. We’re all subject to increasing pressure to change how we operate, and help reduce and ultimately remove the amount of plastic in the ocean.

NOC Innovations partners with businesses and large trade bodies to open their eyes to the true scale of the problem.

NOC Innovations ocean plastics

For some, we highlight how they’re contributing to it, and show the ways in which they could reduce their impact.

And for others, we prioritise education above all else, and help them understand what ocean plastics are, how they end up there, and the consequences they have on nature and the planet.

But for all organisations, we provide the most accurate insights based on world-class scientific research. Because only when you fully understand the lay of the land can you build the right road for your business.