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The key to predicting the tides

Tidal forecasting is a key part of ensuring your coastal operations run smoothly and safely, but it’s not always been the most accessible of sciences.

Our solution was to build Poltips, a tidal prediction software that calculates and visualises coastal tides for over 700 standard and secondary ports around the UK. Our latest version, Poltips 4, has a contemporary look and feel with many exciting new features. 

Watch our demo video to find out more.

Poltips 4 demo

The UK National Tide Gauge Network, developed by NOC, provides the up-to-date, high-quality data Poltips uses in its calculations.

And Poltips is so easy to use. You select a location, pick a time period to predict, and choose how you want the tidal data to be presented, i.e. tide tables, text files, graphs, etc.





How and why to use Poltips

Poltips was built by the world’s best coastal tide forecasters for the world’s most accurate coastal tide forecasting.

It uses the harmonic method of tidal prediction with up to 114 harmonic constituents, and it automatically implements alternative methods for complex shallow-water ports to produce the level of accuracy you need.

Now in its fourth version, Poltips 4 offers a new updated look and feel and is easier to use than ever before.

Features of Poltips 4

Previous Poltips users will recognise the same core functionality but find new additional features including:

  • Enhanced document viewers to visualise tide tables
  • Real-time tide clock
  • Ability to view multiple tide table windows and multiple graph windows
  • Detailed information feature for key ports
  • Ability to export tidal data in more formats than previously e.g. top 20 highest and lowest tides in any given period
  • Easier than ever to install and use on your Windows device

Who uses Poltips?

Poltips is relied on by organisations across multiple sectors, including:

  • Port operations
  • Hydrographic surveying
  • Renewable energy studies
  • Environmental assessments
  • The operation of tide-controlled equipment
  • Coastal flood defence
  • Flood risk assessments

Offshore Software

If you are more interested in offshore tide prediction, Polpred may be a better fit.

Software to suit you

There are 3 different versions of Poltips available: Customised, Standard and User Data.

Prices start from £208 + tax for a 3-year licence.

Poltips 4 combines accurate tidal predictions with optimised usability and a whole host of useful new features. It is a fantastic software package that we are very proud of.

Layton Quinton

Head of Marine Information Products & Services


years of harmonic method development at NOC

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