NOC Innovations Conference at Ocean Business

Location: NOC Southampton - Charnock Lecture Theatre, NOC Floor 4

Date: 19th April 2023

Time: 10:00 - 03:30

Hear from world-leading experts at NOC Innovations and very special guests as they discuss cutting-edge insights during this conference at Ocean Business

10:00am-11:00am: Autonomy and the future 

What do revolutionary developments in autonomy and technology mean for the future?  

Start  FinishName, role, affiliationTitle
10.0010.05Huw Gullick, Associate Director, NOC Innovations
Conference and session introduction
10.0510.20Leigh Storey, Senior Responsible Owner - Net Zero Oceanographic Capability, UKRI-NERC
Marine observations, network effects and switching costs
10.2010.35Rob Templeton, Technical Lead ALR Operations, NOC
AT SEA and Autosub Long Range proving trial
10.3510.50Dan Hook, Consultant, Ocean InfinityMASS at pace
10.5011.00All presenters in this sessionPanel discussion

11:00am-12:00pm: Impact of Innovations 
Learn about the real-world impact of innovations developed by NOC

StartFinishName, role, affiliationTitle
11.0011.05Phil Bishop, Head of Commercial Development, NOC
Session introduction
11.0511.15Lindsay Smith, Senior Commercialisation Manager, Ploughshare InnovationsEnabling Innovation to Impact
11.1511.25Matt Mowlem, CTO, Clearwater
Lab on Chip technology development
11.2511.35Dr Christopher Pearce, Principle Marine Geoscientist, NOCMonitoring Marine Carbon Capture and Storage
11.3511.45Tim Shanahan, Director of Engineering, McLane Research Labs
Technology Transfer of the Robotic Cartridge Sampling Instrument (RoCSI)
11.4512.00All presenters in this sessionPanel discussion

12:00pm-1:30pm: Free time for lunch and a chance to visit the show floor of Ocean Business. Various catering outlets are available across the Ocean Business event.

1:30pm-2:30pm: Partnerships: uniting business and science 
Discover more about the partnerships that NOC has established with industry leaders and the pioneering work they do

StartFinishName, role, affiliationTitle
1.301.35Mark Hamson, Innovation Centre Manager, NOCSession introduction
1.351.50Liz James, Group Environmental Director, Subsea7BORA Blue Ocean Research Alliance®: Helping industry and research work together to accelerate ocean observation
1.502.05Jim Trice, Head of Transitions & Data Quality, Met Office

Jon Turton, Senior Marine Partnerships Manager, Met Office
North Sea Marine Gliders - a 24/7/365 operational service
2.052.20Dan Shropshire, Vice President of Business Development and Program Execution, Teledyne MarineNOC Glider Service Centre - an industry collaboration with Teledyne
2.202.30All presenters in this sessionPanel discussion

2:30pm-3:30pm: 'The Life Scientific’ style career interviews 
Join us for a panel interview exploring the life and work of leading scientists and industry figures

StartFinishName, role, affiliation
2:302:50Dr Sophy Oliver, Modeller - Marine Biogeochemistry, NOC
2:503:10Dr Claire Evans, Blue Carbon lead within Ocean BioGeosciences, NOC
3:103:30Matthew Kingsland, Senior Robotic Systems Engineer, NOC

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Huw Gullick

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At NOC Innovations we seek to understand how today’s science and technology can unlock tomorrow’s potential.

Huw Gullick

Associate Director NOC Innovations