Poltips in Action

Optimise your port operations with Poltips

The client

Our client operates a major UK port operating within one of the largest tidal ranges in the world.

The problem and the goal

Faced with the challenge of very extreme tidal ranges and strong currents, our client requires extremely accurate tidal predictions to provide confidence to its port users that they can navigate safely and optimize ship movements and efficiency.

The solution

Our client uses our Poltips tidal prediction software as a central part of their vessel and safety planning for both short and medium-term operations.

The results

For our client's port the tidal predictions are central and critical to every ship movement.

Poltips predictions form the basis of safe navigation and are used on a daily basis to ensure the safety of life, property and the environment.

Our client has gone on to use Poltips software for predictions at their other UK port locations.


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