Polpred Use in Offshore Energy

How Polpred supports offshore operations

The snapshot

NOC Innovations has developed Polpred software, which enables offshore operators to view accurate tidal current and elevation predictions for any given location where they are planning to work.

The client

Our client is a major offshore operational solutions provider for the energy industry.

The problem and the goal

Operations such as deploying divers and Remotely Operated Vehicles (ROVs) have strict safety envelopes in terms of maximum permissible current. The same applies to the installation of flexible pipe product through the water column from pipe lay vessels. 

It is crucial that our client has accurate current predictions when planning the timing of their operations.

The results

Our client makes daily use of Polpred to accurately predict current changes and velocities to ensure conditions are optimum for deploying their dive support vessels, pipe lay vessels, heavy lift vessels and light construction vessels and ROVs. This means operations are conducted as safely as possible. 

Polpred’s NEA and CS3D current prediction models are used for commercial tendering and the planning of offshore operations. 

A special high-resolution model was developed for the client’s launch site since their pipe bundles can be up to 7.2km in length and are believed to be the world’s largest movable man-made objects. 

Polpred’s predictions of current at the launch site were critical to the planning of the launch operation of new pipe bundles.   

The conclusion

Although our client is aware that tidal and current predictions are available from other sources, they prefer to use Polpred because of its widespread adoption and acceptance in the Oil, Gas and Offshore construction industries. Polpred software and models have been in use of many years and Polpred predictions are accepted by their clients.

Polpred Offshore Software

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