Marine Robotics

Meet the teams behind our tech

Scientific progress is made possible with the development of new, disruptive technologies.

And that’s exactly what we do.

With bold ideas, open collaboration and precise engineering, we’re pushing the boundaries of marine robotic systems, and enabling the evolution of scientific research in even the most extreme of ocean environments.

NOC Innovations marine robotics fleet

MARS Teams

Our Marine Autonomous Robotics Systems teams are known for developing industry-leading, barrier-breaking technology.

All the equipment in our MARS fleet features in the National Marine Equipment Pool (NMEP), the largest centralised marine scientific equipment pool in Europe.

So let’s meet the teams behind the tech.

  • This team maintains and operates our high-powered Autonomous Underwater Vehicles (AUVs). Our engineers work closely with scientists to support their goals and expeditions.

  • This team is integral to the deployment of our Underwater Gliders and Unmanned Surface Vehicles. Experts in operating marine robotic systems beyond the horizon, they routinely support scientific campaigns around the world.

  • This team operates our Isis and Hybis ROVs (Remotely Operated Vehicles). They pilot these platforms remotely from the ship, allowing scientists to watch live as the vehicles gather samples, photos and video footage.

  • This team specialises in the development of novel Marine Autonomous and Robotic Systems for ocean science, oil and gas, and deep sea mineral collection.

    They’re experts in creating new platforms to enhance the capabilities of our MARS fleet, including our new AUV platforms, Autosub Long Range (ALR1500) and Autosub2KUI.