Carbon Capture and Storage

Our dynamic Autonomous Monitoring Service can support your Carbon Capture and Storage operations

Disused offshore oil and gas fields are being increasingly used to store liquified carbon dioxide (CO2) captured from industrial emitters as part of Net Zero initiatives. 

An essential requirement for all offshore Carbon Capture and Storage (CCS) projects is the monitoring of the fields themselves to ensure there is no leakage of the stored COback into the environment. It is essential that this monitoring activity is carried out thoroughly and accurately.

Our scientists and engineering teams have undertaken a number of scientific missions over the last decade to understand how best to identify COseepage using our unique lab-on-chip sensors and autonomous technology. COdissolves very quickly into sea-water, so rather than rely on one single sensor, our research has tested many sonar and chemical sensors to develop a combined package of sensors that not only reduces false alerts from naturally occurring organic sources of CO2 but also improves the reliability of alerts by avoiding complete reliance on a single sensor.

Autonomous Monitoring Service

Our world-leading scientific research combined with our unique proven engineering capabilities in autonomous underwater vehicles (AUVs) and seabed landers, has enabled us to develop a new turn-key solution for CCS monitoring. This solution, known as Autonomous Monitoring Service (AMS), utilizes our own intelligent seabed landers for points of special geological interest that require continuous monitoring supplemented with a dedicated fleet of our Auto-Sub 1500 AUVs to patrol the entire field. 

Both our landers and AUVs are equipped with the optimum sensor package designed from research experience. Our ALRs stop to frequently communicate with our landers, forming a fully autonomous ecosystem. Data highlights, along with any alerts, are transmitted back to our mission base, as well as directly to our client daily as our ALRs surface. Clients can view all data highlights effortlessly through their AMS dashboard accessed through any web browser or device and configure alert notifications for multiple users in their organisation.

Our AMS solution ensures maximum environmental protection for any offshore CCS activity but in addition our ALRs can undertake other missions such as detection of methane, hydrocarbons, pipeline or general marine infrastructure surveys. Scientific data can also be harvested to enable scientists globally to build knowledge and understanding of the world’s oceans and create a sustainable future.

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